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LotRO is free to play Empty LotRO is free to play

Post  Lucas.Greene on Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:48 pm

I'm looking at getting back into playing LotRO for a while (it's the only MMO I've really enjoyed that much, outside of the beta for ToR and Ragnarok Online) and thought this might be a good place to advertise. I've you're interested in hobbit-ing it up (that's right, hobbit is now a verb), I'm playing on the Imladris server. My primary characters names are Raef (Human Minstrel) and Kithri (Elf Rune-Keeper), but I have several others. The kinship I'm in (Cuim en Galad) is all people that you might know if you've been to any of the LARP games (Reid, Caity, Brian and Tara Blass, Matt and Colleen Nachtrieb). If people are interested I can provide more character names and contact information. I can also send referrals to interested parties which gets both of us some free stuff (and who doesn't like free stuff).

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