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Post  Lucas.Greene on Fri Sep 30, 2011 10:40 am

This thread is for posting information about tabletop games you've played or read about that are a little off the beaten path. Indie games, small publishers, foreign games, older games, really new games, any of the above. I've been getting a bit burned out on D&D so I've been doing a lot of looking around, and I would love to hear what some other people have found, as well as having the chance to share some of the games I enjoyed.

One of the coolest games I've come across is Victoriana 2E. It has an interesting D6 based system and is set in an alternate Victorian England where fantasy races exist, magic is real, and steampunk zeppelins sail the sky. I've only gotten to play a few sessions of it, but it was a lot of fun, pretty easy to learn, and gave the opportunity for a lot of literary references! The other part I really enjoyed with it was the amount of work that went into the setting; despite the fact that it is so close to our world, almost half the book is flavor, not rules.

Another fun one is Apocalypse World. I played this with a group of friends over Skype after I moved and it was a lot of fun. The system is very simple, requiring just 2d6 for dice and having most of the relevant information right on the character sheet. The system was created for a post apocalyptic setting and features very unique stats like "Sharp" (intelligence and perception), "Hot" (charisma), and "Weird" (lots of random stuff). The thing I liked best about this game was that it was a bit off the wall, but more focused on role-play than roll-play, with the DM acting as a narrator and not even needing their own dice!

Mortal Coil is an even further departure from the games like D&D and World of Darkness, utilizing a completely dice-less system. The mechanical aspect of the game is built around bidding, using poker chips as markers. Sacrificing these chips allows players to do more complex actions, activate magical powers, and even shape the world around them. This allows for great cooperative storytelling opportunities, which is the true goal of most role-playing games.

Finally, Dread is probably the most unique role-playing game I've ever played, as well as the most fun. It actually reminds me a lot of the storytelling game that Kyle is looking to set up. It is another cooperative storytelling game, but this one has a horror theme. There are no stats, in fact each person is given a sheet with questions about their character that guide them to fit a role in the story, and that's it. There are no dice, the only mechanic in the game involves a Jenga tower; when you attempt something, you pull a block, if you knock the tower over, you die. It definitely isn't a game about winning, although there may be one or two survivors left over, it is a game about telling a tale of horror, with the suspense of the story literally and visually building in the middle of the room.

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