Horror Storytelling Number 2!!!!! Woooooo

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Horror Storytelling Number 2!!!!! Woooooo Empty Horror Storytelling Number 2!!!!! Woooooo

Post  KyleElf on Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:28 am

I am starting to plan out another Horror Storytelling plot! I am so happy with how the last one turned out that I want to do more and more. I am having the next one set into the world of "I am Legend". If you are unfamiliar with "I am Legend" crappy basic description is: Humans accidentally create mutant virus. only a percentage of the worlds human population are immune to the air-born strands of it. Dogs are immune to air-born strands, but can be infected by bites. most of the world's population is dead. few turned into zombie like creatures that are fast and strong, few are the immune: surviving normal humans.

This upcoming story will deal with surviving situations, similar to what you might find living in the wild. You will need to forage for food, aka search buildings that might have food in them or hunt. Protect your shelter or find a new one. And contacting survivors/finding rescue. Keeping track of inventory with be necessary! I will be keeping track outside of the messages and will not inform you that you are out until your character finds out. So if you are not paying attention to say bullets and your clip runs out you are typing "I shoot zombie in the face", but without bullets all you will see from me is a text saying "Your gun clicks but does not shoot"

I am really excited to how things went last time that I am hoping for a great group coming up. I am wanting to limit the team to 6 people. I want to say I can control 6 people typing at once. That will be my personal goal this time around.

If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about in the first place, my Topic "Forum Games" in the area just before this explains my horror storytelling from the surface. For an in-depth look into what a story looks like head over to "Games Here" section and check out "Horror Story 1: Road Trip" it is a direct copy from our instant messaging texts, no texts were deleted. Also if you have any questions for me, please feel free to reply here, on the facebook group, or message me on facebook. I will answer any questions! Thank You!


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