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Pokemon Team (You Decide) Empty Pokemon Team (You Decide)

Post  Sprink on Wed Sep 07, 2011 6:44 pm

Pokemon RPG!

Plot: We are starting a new Team to try to take over the world. We need to discuss as a group what we want to do as a Team to establish our dominance. I will be GMing. General admin stuff. Running battle damage. etc. I am hoping for 3-5 members. You will start off in Celadon City. I will be randomly deciding on starting Pokemon depending on number of people joining. You will decide as a group who the leader of your team is and the name of the team. You will be given opportunity to get funding, find new Pokemon, level up, defeat gym leaders and the elite four, and of course, recruit heroes to fight you and grunts to get in people's way.

Preferred Pokemon types:
Why you think you can be evil:

(pretty simple list, but I want an actual explanation of each of those.)


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